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    Appeal-Jockey Gavin Lerena

      An appeal lodged by Jockey Gavin Lerena was held at the offices of the NHA, at Turffontein Racecourse, on Wednesday 6 August 2014. Jockey ...

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    Awarding of Protea Colours – 2013 Jockeys International

      The National Horseracing Authority has investigated allegations that the organisers of the Jockeys International Challenge acted fraudulently ...

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    Trainer Human Fined

    At an Inquiry held at the Head Office of The National Horseracing Authority on Wednesday, 23 July 2014, Trainer Mr L J Human was charged with a contravention ...

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    CNBC Interviews Prof Sanne about exports


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    Amendments To The Rules

    The National Board has amended the rules regarding the weight allowance for the body protector.  The Rule now reads as follows: 59.8     ...

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    Trainer Goosen fined for comments on Tellytrack

    An inquiry was held at the offices of The National Horseracing Authority on Wednesday Tuesday 24 June 2014. The inquiry arose out of comments made by ...

Grade 1 Winners


Workshop to Discuss the Effect of Restricted Races on the National Statistics.

The National Horseracing Authority will be holding a Workshop to discuss the effect of races which are restricted to certain horses because of a particular condition, on the national statistics and national championship logs.  The Workshop will be held on Thursday 16 October 2014 at 10:00.  The Workshop will be held either at The National Horseracing Authority Head Office or at a nearby venue, depending on the number of attendees.

The National Horseracing Authority is responsible for maintaining the official statistics for horseracing in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  The purpose of the statistics is to provide accurate information for use by the industry.  The information must therefore not be biased or misleading.  Restricted Races have the potential to distort the information significantly and it is important that they be considered very carefully in regard to their inclusion in statistical information.

The National Horseracing Authority would like to invite all interested persons to attend the Workshop.  Interested persons are asked to RSVP to by Friday 3 October 2014 at the latest, so that proper arrangements can be made.


Inquiry – Trainer Weiho Marwing

An inquiry was held at the NHA offices at Turffontein Racecourse on Friday 22 August 2014 into Mr Marwing's conduct after the result of the objection against the winner Vodacom Durban July was announced.

Mr Marwing was charged with a contravention of Rule 72.1.18 in that at Greyville Racecourse after the running of the 7th race on 5 July 2014 (the Vodacom Durban July) and after the result of the objection had been announced inter alia he entered the Boardroom and shouted at those persons present.  In so doing he abused, swore at, intimidated and threatened those present, including licensed officials of The National Horseracing Authority.

Mr Marwing pleaded guilty to and was found guilty of the charge.

The Board took into account the extenuating/mitigating circumstances which Mr Marwing presented i.e. his emotional and stressed state and the fact that he was distraught.  The Board also took account that Mr Marwing had apologised and was remorseful.

The penalty the Board imposed was a fine of R10 000,00 of which R5 000,00 is suspended on condition that Mr Marwing is not found guilty of a similar offence in the next three years calculated from 22 August 2014.


Mr Marwing has the right of appeal against the penalty imposed.


African Horsesickness Vaccine shortage to be resolved soon.

Owners, Trainers and Breeders will be pleased to know that the shortage of AHS vaccine currently being experienced, will be over soon.  A letter has been distributed by Onderstepoort Biological Products advising that the vaccine will be available again in October.  The letter also says that the reason for the shortage is the extensive upgrading and modernisation of the OBP infrastructure and equipment.  This is good news!  We look forward to the improved vaccine production service.

The National Horseracing Authority is obviously aware of the vaccine shortage.  Because there is some vaccine still available, trainers are encouraged to make every effort to vaccinate the horses in their care according to the rules.  If Trainers are not able to vaccinate their horses because they are unable to obtain vaccine, they should notify the NHA Senior Veterinarian, Dr Dale Wheeler.  Trainers do however, have until the end of the year to vaccinate.  On the brighter side, it is still the winter period during which AHS is not around so the threat the disease at this time is not great.

To read the letter from OBP, click here

Guidelines for Classification of Prohibited Substances and the Guidelines for Penalties for Prohibited Substances.

The Guidelines for Classification of Prohibited Substances document provides a list of substances with the classification of these into classes (Class 1 to 5) related to the considered severity of the finding of the particular substances in a horse on race day. The list is inclusive of the local veterinary and human substances considered most important in treatment, or of particular concern, within horseracing in South Africa. The Guidelines for Penalties for Prohibited Substances document provides a guide to the penalties to be imposed associated with the prohibited substances considered in the Classification of Prohibited Substances document.

These documents were approved by the NHA Rules Committee on 8 April 2014 and the NHA National Board on 24 April 2014.

Phenylbutazone has now been rescheduled as a Schedule 7 substance by the Department of Health. This implies that no person may acquire, use, possess, manufacture or supply phenylbutazone.  This makes phenylbutazone a substance which is forbidden in racing.  According to the NHA Classification of Prohibited Substances, a forbidden substance is a Class 1 substance.  It must be noted that phenylbutazone and its metabolite oxyphenbutazone are therefore listed as Class 1 substances and not Class 4 substances, which normal NSAID’s are.

The Classification of Prohibited Substances and the Guidelines for Penalties for Prohibited Substances can be accessed from the menu items in both the Laboratory and Veterinary sections above.