The following licenses were granted at a Licensing Meeting held on 6 March 2018:  


FPP Habib (Central Province) 

D Steyn (Central Province) 



JS Roux to Trainer J van Eck (Central Province) 

Z Oosthuizen to Trainer LJ Human (Central Province) 

TI Dawson to Trainer CT Dawson (Central Province) 



J Looyen to Trainer GJ Maroun (Central Province) 

VK Ragoonath to Trainer JH Strydom (Eastern Cape) 

HJ vd Westhuizen to Trainer H vd Westhuizen (Central Province) 

IG Alli to Trainer N Kotzen (Kwa-zulu Natal) 

I Burger to Trainer LJ Human  (Central Province) 

D Kotzen to Trainer CL Bass-Robinson (Western Cape) 

K Kotzen to Trainer GS Kotzen (Western Cape) 

G Goldsmith to Trainer SJ Lerena (Central Province) 

RA Venniker to Trainer CG Eudey (Kwa-Zulu Natal) 

DR Steyn to Trainer D Steyn (Central Province) 

ML Thomas to Trainer GS Kotzen (Western Cape) 



F Zackey to Jockey CJ Habib (Central Province) 

KG Nicol to Jockey AD Andrews (Western Cape)



V Doorgapershad  - Clerk of Scales (Eastern Cape) 

SP Pati  - Specimen Collector (Eastern Cape) 

M de Vrye - Handler (Eastern Cape) 

N Thinyane  - Handler (Eastern Cape) 

J van der Hoff- Horse Identifier (Central Province) 

LA Diedericks - Specimen Collector (Western Cape)