The National Horseracing Authority is a signatory country of the Asian Racing Federation and has decided to adopt Asian Screening Limits (ASLs) for the substances indicated below. The Asian Racing Federation definition is worded as follows: “ASLs are merely harmonised therapeutic substance detection limits adopted by the signatory countries (and conveyed by instruction from racing authorities to their laboratories) for use in the screening of the specified therapeutic substances. The ASLs are NOT international thresholds. When this detection limit is exceeded in the screening process, qualitative confirmatory analysis will be followed to confirm the presence or absence of the prohibited substance. Accurate quantification is NOT REQUIRED for reporting as these therapeutic substances are prohibited by the relevant rules at any levels. ASLs are NOT APPLICABLE to the concurrent detection of a diuretic (for urinary ASLs) or a pharmacologically related medication. Urine and plasma ASLs of the same medication are to be applied INDEPENDENTLY.”


Therapeutic Substances Asian Screening Limits (ASLs)
(restricted to single oral or IV treatment of no more than 5 grams)
100 ng/mL in urine
Firocoxib 2 ng/mL in plasma
Dantrolene 0.1 ng/mL of 5-hydroxydantrolene in plasma
Ketoprofen 2 ng/mL in plasma (under the condition of a single IV or oral dose)