The Cornell Collar is approved for use in horses diagnosed with Intermittent Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate (IDDSP) during high-speed exercise, subject to the conditions set out below. 

A Veterinary Certificate shall be submitted to the NHA Veterinary Department certifying the following:

  • why the use of the Cornell Collar is appropriate and justified;
  • the horse has been observed during work at racing pace and that the fitment of the Cornell Collar has effectively prevented the IDDSP, confirmed endoscopically;
  • appropriate training has been given to the trainer as to the correct application of the Collar to that specific horse. 

Only a Vet-Aire Cornellä Collar approved by the Chief Executive and/or a licensed Veterinary Surgeon may be used. 

Prior to racing, any horse fitted with a Cornell Collar shall be inspected by a licensed Veterinary Surgeon to ensure it is correctly fitted. Should the Veterinary Surgeon be dissatisfied with the fitment, horses’ comfort, or its effectiveness thereof, the horse shall be withdrawn from the race. 

Once approved, the horse must wear the device in all subsequent races, unless permission to discontinue its use has been granted. A Veterinary Certificate shall be submitted, stating the reasons as to why the device is no longer required. Should permission be granted to remove the Cornell Collar, it may never be used again. 

It is the trainer’s responsibility, once approval has been granted, to declare such equipment at the time of final declarations. Failure to do so shall result in withdrawal of the horse from the race. 

Amended 24/09/2022