The conditions under which application may be made by trainers for the use of this equipment on horses exhibiting Intermittent Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate (IDDSP) are as follows:

The veterinary department must receive from a registered veterinary surgeon a written submission which certifies the following:

  1. The horse suffers from IDDSP.
  1. Correct fitting of the Cornell Collar (confirmed endoscopically) has effectively prevented the IDDSP as observed during a training gallop at racing pace (Ideally an overland scope should be utilized).
  2. The trainer and his assistants are trained in the correct application of the collar for this specific horse.

The trainer must submit this report to the Veterinary Department for approval at their sole discretion.

Once approved, the horse must race in all subsequent races with the Collar, unless a further report from a veterinary surgeon is submitted, stating reasons as to why the Collar is no longer required.

Should permission be granted to remove the Collar, it may never be used again.

It is the trainer’s responsibility, once approval has been granted, to declare such equipment at the time of final acceptances. Failure to do so shall result in withdrawal of the horse from the race.

At any stage, if there is any doubt that the use of this equipment may be compromising the horse’s welfare, then the horse will automatically be withdrawn from the race.