As previously communicated in April of this year the foal levy paid to the Equine Research Council (ERC) as well as the contribution to the South African Equine Health and Protocols (SAEHP) would be collected at a later date. This was to allow for the Thoroughbred Breeders Association (TBA) Council the opportunity to discuss the matter with their members at their Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Subsequently, the TBA AGM was held on Monday 27 July 2020 and it was agreed that an “Export Levy” of R1635 (VAT incl.) be levied on the registrations of each 2019 foal. The levy is aimed to support the direct export of South African Bloodstock to the international community. With the current COVID-19 pandemic it is envisaged that a virtual audit will be conducted by the European Union within this year. 

Accordingly, all 2019 foals that have been registered or paid for by 12 August 2020 will be sent an additional invoice for the Export Levy. Foal registration that will be done from 13 August 2020 will have the "Export Levy" fee included on to the invoice. The export levy applies to the 2019 foals and at the discretion of Council this may be extended.

Please be advised that at the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, 23 April 2019, it was agreed that an additional Breeder Foal Levy will be charged on all initial foal registrations to assist with the funding of SA Equine Health and Protocols NPC (SAEHP), in order to obtain direct export approval through the European Union. This fee will be levied on all 2018 foals onwards.

Breeders who have already paid the 2018 foal fees are required to pay the shortfall amount of R1 150 (VAT incl) per foal, in order for passports to be issued. These invoices will be forwarded to the respective breeders on 6 May 2019.  

The National Board have in terms of Clause 16.2 of the Constitution, amended the Rules, with effect from 10 May 2019. These amendments were published in the Racing Calendar No. 39 on 26 April 2019.

Click Calender 39 to view changes.


The National Horseracing Authority confirms that the registered name of WINTER IN IRELAND (SAF), sired by WHAT A WINTER (SAF), out of the mare, IRISH MYTH (SAF) foaled on 9 August 2016, was changed to that of ATIAAF (SAF) on Monday, 28 January 2019.

The National Racing Bureau was notified of the name change on 28 January 2019 at 13:43 (see below) and the SA Horseracing website was updated by the NHA accordingly. The channels of dissemination of the card changes thereafter rest solely with that body, which was fulfilled. To this end, should there be a name change after final declaration the NHA will also issue a press release in an attempt to alleviate this.

Vee Moodley

Chief Executive