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Please click here for updated notices regarding the delay of the opening of vaccination permissions in the control zone and an announcement regarding the current movement control bans. 

We are cognisant of the difficulties caused by the delay in vaccination permissions and we are addressing the issue while minimising the risk of virus incursion into the surveillance zone. 



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 To all Equine Owners, Managers, Veterinarians, and other Stakeholders,


Due to the still active outbreak of African horse sickness (AHS) within the AHS controlled area protection zone, as well as recent confirmed cases of Equine encephalosis virus, another orbivirus similarly transmitted by the Culicoides midge vector, the start of the AHS vaccination period within the AHS controlled area has been delayed.

As communicated in May of this year, over the past several years the identification, microchipping and DNA parentage verification of thoroughbred horses have been done by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) in collaboration with the Equine Research Centre (ERC), on contract to the NHA. In prior years an average of 4 000 foals were identified each year and the number of registered foals by 31 July would be able to cover the costs.

In recent years the foal crop numbers have dropped below 2 500. Consequently, this has resulted in major cash flow implications for the NHA given the delayed recoupment from breeders, and the increase of the cost by VGL of approximately 10% every year without a corresponding increase in fees by the NHA. As a result, the NHA was left with no option but to terminate the contract with VGL as of 31 July 2020. 

Accordingly, the NHA in consultation with the TBA have looked at the option to balance cost and integrity of data. After an evaluation of several options, it was decided that VGL will still perform the identification, microchipping and parentage verification for the 2020 foal crop. 

As previously communicated in April of this year the foal levy paid to the Equine Research Council (ERC) as well as the contribution to the South African Equine Health and Protocols (SAEHP) would be collected at a later date. This was to allow for the Thoroughbred Breeders Association (TBA) Council the opportunity to discuss the matter with their members at their Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Subsequently, the TBA AGM was held on Monday 27 July 2020 and it was agreed that an “Export Levy” of R1635 (VAT incl.) be levied on the registrations of each 2019 foal. The levy is aimed to support the direct export of South African Bloodstock to the international community. With the current COVID-19 pandemic it is envisaged that a virtual audit will be conducted by the European Union within this year. 

Accordingly, all 2019 foals that have been registered or paid for by 12 August 2020 will be sent an additional invoice for the Export Levy. Foal registration that will be done from 13 August 2020 will have the "Export Levy" fee included on to the invoice. The export levy applies to the 2019 foals and at the discretion of Council this may be extended.