ISO/IEC17025 Guidelines

The Laboratory has had an ISO (International Standard of Organisation) Quality Management System in place since 1994. Currently the operations and analyses of the Laboratory are conducted in accordance with the international quality standards of ISO/IEC17025 and the international requirements for horseracing (ILAC-G5 Guidance).

This compliance is physically inspected on a regular basis by an independent local accreditation body for:

  • the range of substances to be screened and prosecuted.
  • the sensitivity of detection and prosecution.
  • the methodology, procedures and standards for both detection (screening) and prosecution.

In compliance to these quality and regulatory requirements the following are in place (these total 495 pages):

  • 25 formal policies,
  • 30 methods and
  • 124 procedures.

An important mechanism as check of the quality and racing requirement compliance of the Laboratory is proficiency testing programs. At the NHA Laboratory this includes:

  • Both external supplied and internal proficiency specimens and samples.
  • Both positive equine specimen (blind) and negative equine specimen testing (the latter at other independent, international racing laboratories).
  • Both prohibited and banned substances in both equine specimens and rider (human) samples.