2019 Foal Crop Registration

For a Thoroughbred Stud Book to be considered to have "Approved" status, the International Stud Book Committee (ISBC) requires that it publishes full foal crop details, either in a Stud Book volume or supplement, in book form or the electronic medium on a website by 30th September of the yearling year for Southern Hemisphere Stud Books, of which South Africa is included under.

In order for the General Stud Book of Southern Africa to comply with best practises and international Rules and Guidelines it is important that deadlines be adhered to.Registrations for the 2019 foal crop is 15 July 2020. The foal registration process comprises of:

  • Foal Fee payment;
  • Mare return being submitted by the mare owner;
  • Annual mare fee – (year of covering and year of foaling)
  • Covering Certificate submission;
  • Permission to register unnamed or with an approved name.

Foal Fees

The registration deadline for a foal is 15 July of the racing season a foal was born. It was previously announced that the foal fee for the 2019 foal crop would consist of four amounts:                                                                                            

·        NHA Admin and Passport Fee


(NHA Fee)

·        Foal Identification Fee


(Paid over to the VGL)

·        Foal Levy for Equine Research


(Paid over to the TBA)

·        Contribution to SAEHP


(Paid over to the TBA)

The NHA is acutely aware of the devastating consequences of the suspension of racing and is looking at ways areas where costs can minimize and still operate at a level that does not compromise of service delivery to breeders and our “Approved” status of the Stud Book.

Accordingly, penalties for the 2019 Breeder, Mare and Stallion late registrations have been waived up to 31 October 2020. These were due on 15 July 2019 (prior to the beginning of the season). Penalties already paid in relation to the 2019 fees will be credited to the breeder’s studbook account. Other fees and deadlines will be communicated to breeders in a separate letter due to the current fluid nature of Government regulations.

The NHA, in consultation with the Thoroughbred Association of Breeders (TBA), have decided that the foal fee deadline of 15 July 2020 remains but that the foal levy paid to the Equine Research Council as well as the contribution to the South African Equine Health Protocols can be collected at a later date thus allowing the TBA Council the opportunity to discuss the matter with their members at the next TBA AGM to be held in July 2020. Consequently, breeders who have already paid for the said 2019 fees will the monies credited to their studbook account.

The foal identification process and subsequent payment by breeders has financial implications to the NHA. The microchipping and identification of thoroughbred horses is done by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) on contract to the NHA. The first 50% is payable by the NHA on or before 30 November of the applicable Financial Year within 30 days of receipt of such first invoice.  The remainder of the fees (the second 50%) is payable 30 days before the end of the applicable Financial Year that is or before 31 July. Obviously, there are major cash flow implications for the NHA given the delayed recoupment from breeders.

In addition, Stud Book has been operating at a loss for the past three years and the microchipping has been a major contributor due to 1) subsidy to breeders, and 2) non-payment by breeders as detailed below.

Over the past 5 years, the NHA has been subsiding the microchipping, DNA profiling and parentage verification fee for breeders. This has significantly put a strain on the Stud Book fees with approximately R1mill not being recovered over the years as per the table below where it can be seen that for the 2019 foal crop this subsidy amounts to 2316*162 = R375 192 (R954 charged by VGL and R792 recovered by the NHA). 

Furthermore, the NHA has also been absorbing the cost for foals that were microchipped DNA profiled and parentage verified but never registered. The loss to Stud Book over the past five years is approximately over R1,2mill. This too has also put a significant strain on Stud Book finances.


A cover/recovery exercise was done by the Stud Book Keeper on the NHA administration fee (for admin service, naming, registration, passport) which is charged to Breeders at R318 whereas the actual cost incurred by the NHA is R460.

The microchip service has already been rendered to the breeder and with an outstanding obligation to VGL, the NHA has no choice but to invoice all breeders for the payment of 2019 thoroughbred identification and genotyping and the NHA administration fee before the year end.

Invoices will be sent by 18 May 2020 for the NHA administration fee and DNA parentage verification, payment is due by 15 July 2020.

Fees up to 15 July 2020

2019 Foal Fee cost to be invoiced will be R318 + R792 = R1,100 (R304 subsidy absorbed, NHA)

Fees from 16 July 2020

2019 Foal Fee cost to be invoiced will be R460 + R954 = R1,414 (subsidy falls away – direct recovery as explained above.)

It is important to note that the 1st half payment to VGL amounting to R1,277,676.83 was paid in December 2019. On 24 March 2020 we then received an invoice for the amount R 1,074,545.80. On 25 March 2020 we advised VGL that the invoice will be paid in July 2020. On the same day Dr Harper replied and advised that “Please note the invoice is for work completed and that the payment terms are 30 days.” We then replied informing her that we have reviewed the contract and the terms of payment are not based on work completed but the end of the financial period that being 31 July. The invoice received also is not substantiated with any other report detailing work done or invoice breakdown and R143 592.39 is unaccounted for. No further correspondence has been received to date.

The NHA notes that the VGL has suspended services that relate to the 2019 foals including the verification of 2019 foals until they have received the second payment of the 2019 foal crop thoroughbred Identification and genotyping fee. We have asked the NHA legal department to look at the agreement and in particular the payment terms. We were advised that the payment terms in respect of the University’s fees are clearly set out in the contract and are in breach.

Despite what is stated in the contract and our emails to the University, they have remained resolute in not allowing breeders to verify the 2019 foals, or complete any outstanding work done. Furthermore, Stud Book is also unable to issue passports for 2019. Mr Robin Bruss has been tasked by the Board to resolve this and feedback will be provided to you regarding the progress of this.

Annual Mare Return

An annual Mare Return is to be submitted by the breeder each year by 31 March advising:

  • For a live foal the result of the colour, state, sex and date of birth of a foal;
  • Whether the mare has no live foal and the reason for no foal (ie: slipped, missed etc);
  • Foaling location;
  • Whether the breeder’s details have changed.

Breeders are advised to submit these if they have not done so.

Covering Certificates

A Declaration of Service must be submitted on the 15th day of the following month that the service occurred. Last submission 15 January 2020. Covering Certificates will not be accepted by the Stud Book should a mare not have at least one reported covering.

Stallion owners will also not be able to release covering certificates should the annual mare fee be outstanding or if a mare return has not been submitted, which can be done online.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to change operations to make things as efficient as possible. Consequently, covering certificates can now be issued online. Stallion Managers are to contact Stud Book for access to the covering certificates online module. Manual covering books will no longer be sent to Stallion Owners upon payment – access to the online service will be granted and covering reports can be issued online. Stallion Owners are to contact the Stud Book Keeper for access.

Permission to register unnamed or with an approved name

Name requests are to be done via the online name reservation system. This can be accessed:

  1. Via the NHA website select the tab Stud Book
  2. Select Name Register
  3. Select the Name Reservation Application
  4. Type in the Name you would like to apply for and then select Check Name
  5. Complete the required fields and ensure the year of birth and mare are correctly inserted.
  6. Click I’m not a robot and select reserve name

Lastly, Stud Book will be working at the office on Monday and Thursday and remotely on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Should you have any queries kindly contact the Keeper of the Stud Book, Ms Hazel Kayiya This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.