The National Board have in terms of Clause 16.2 of the Constitution, amended the Rules, with effect from 10 May 2019. These amendments were published in the Racing Calendar No. 39 on 26 April 2019.

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The National Horseracing Authority confirms that the registered name of WINTER IN IRELAND (SAF), sired by WHAT A WINTER (SAF), out of the mare, IRISH MYTH (SAF) foaled on 9 August 2016, was changed to that of ATIAAF (SAF) on Monday, 28 January 2019.

The National Racing Bureau was notified of the name change on 28 January 2019 at 13:43 (see below) and the SA Horseracing website was updated by the NHA accordingly. The channels of dissemination of the card changes thereafter rest solely with that body, which was fulfilled. To this end, should there be a name change after final declaration the NHA will also issue a press release in an attempt to alleviate this.

Vee Moodley

Chief Executive

The incorporation of the African Stud Book Committee into the European and Mediterranean Stud Book Committee (EMSBLC) to form the European and African Stud Book Committee (EASBC) was approved by the ISBC at its meeting in October 2017 and enacted at the EASBC biennial conference in May 2018. This was done to improve compliance within the African Stud Book Committee.


As part of a global compliance review process initiated by the Chairman of the ISBC to ensure consistent and high standards, and management of Approved Stud Books, the South African Stud Book had a compliance visit in April 2017. The subsequent report raised several issues. Since then the Stud Book has made significant progress to address the issues identified and received positive feedback from EASBC on 05 November 2018, (Including the submission of the Stud Book returns (2012 – 2015, Volume 32) and 2016 Supplement that were due)


The mandate of the ISBC and its regional bodies, which includes the EASBC, is to develop and promote the highest standards of Stud Book operations to safeguard the integrity of the Thoroughbred breed. To this end, the South African Stud Book is committed to maintaining its status of “Approved Thoroughbred Stud Book” and consequently the Chief Executive has committed to the below requirements mandated by the EASBC by 31 July 2019: